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This site is a force to inspire mature age men and women to have a positive and exciting view of this phase of their lives. We would encourage all of your friends and loved ones of mature age to join us here and contribute with their comments or just soak it up and learn how wonderful the mature years can be. Prevent accidental acceleration

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. . .  we will send you our free eBook, “How to prevent unintended accidental acceleration.” When the accelerator is used instead of the brake the outcome can be disastrous. It happens more often than drivers admit. Mentally, the driver and passengers loose confidence in the driver causing ongoing tensions. This book explains what may cause the accidental acceleration and how to prevent it and regain driver confidence. Also included for Australia, Driver’s License requirements for drivers over 75 years of age – for each State and Territory.

Barbara writes: “I was in my early 60’s, and I am a bit embarrassed to admit that on two occasions I hit the accelerator instead of the brake. It did no damage except to my driving confidence. My husband said that my foot must have slipped. I knew that it had not slipped.  Three and a half years ago I was given access to the contents of this eBook. For me it was liberating to learn why this type of accidental acceleration happens, it was even better to learn how to overcome it.  I am relieved to say that I have never had this happen since I have put this easy plan into effect. I would recommend this eBook especially for those drivers who come into the mature age group.”

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The Blog 60-TheNew40 centers around the 10 Secrets of Staying Young.

Here is a summary.

#1 Loving – to embrace a younger mindset

Love - staying young

Acceptance of self and others


How having a loving attitude to others and being open to be loved helps to keep you younger longer.





#2 Keep Learning – for a younger outlook

Reading a brain exercise

Great social interaction

It can seem like too much effort to learn something new, but the rewards for the effort to keep learning are huge in terms of staying younger longer.






#3 Keep Moving – to regenerate your brain

Keep Moving where ever you are at

If you are able to move it Keep on Moving

There is more and more evidence on the way exercise helps the brain function. See also Exercise? Starting Track and Field at 77!  This is an inspiring story. Join our ‘keep moving culture’ make moving a way of life for staying younger longer.






#4 Be a Giver – and see the joy return

Keep on Giving

Keep on Giving

Like loving, giving has a boomerang effect that aids staying younger longer.






 #5 Embrace Change – to stay relevant

Change trains

Change or risk becoming irrelevant

Change is inevitable – embrace it or risk becoming irrelevant.







#6 Laughter – the elixir of youth

Keep on laughing

Keep on Laughing

A sense of humour is essential for staying younger longer.







#7 Body Fuel – keep eating for a strong body and mind

Processed foods

Processed foods

Basically to keep the body and mind functioning as good as possible we should aim to put the right fuel into it. How can we keep staying younger longer if the fuel is all wrong?






#8 Being Creative -feel the energy flow

Keep on being creative

Keep on being creative

There is nothing like a little creative thinking or designing or writing to release a surge of fresh energy and enthusiasm that we did not know was there. Invigorating to keep staying younger longer.






#9 – coming to the 60-TheNew40 blog soon!

#10 – coming to the 60-TheNew40 blog soon!