Opening the mind to mature age potential

This site is a force to inspire mature age men and women to have a positive and exciting view of this phase of their lives. We would encourage all of your friends and loved ones of mature age to join us here and contribute with their comments or just soak it up and learn how wonderful the mature years can be.

The Blog 60-TheNew40 centers around the 10 Secrets of Staying Young.

Here is a summary.

#1 Loving – to embrace a younger mindset

How having a loving attitude to others and being open to be loved helps to keep you younger longer.

#2 Keep Learning – for a younger outlook

It can seem like too much effort to learn something new, but the rewards for the effort to keep learning are huge in terms of staying younger longer.

#3 Keep Moving – to regenerate your brain

There is more and more evidence on the way exercise helps the brain function. See also Exercise? Starting Track and Field at 77!  This is an inspiring story. Join our ‘keep moving culture’ make moving a way of life for staying younger longer.

#4 Be a Giver – and see the joy return

Like loving, giving has a boomerang effect that aids staying younger longer.

#5 Embrace Change – to stay relevant

Change is inevitable – embrace it or risk becoming irrelevant.

#6 Laughter – the elixir of youth

A sense of humour is essential for staying younger longer.

#7 Body Fuel – keep eating for a strong body and mind

Basically to keep the body and mind functioning as good as possible we should aim to put the right fuel into it. How can we keep staying younger longer if the fuel is all wrong?

#8 Being Creative -feel the energy flow

There is nothing like a little creative thinking or designing or writing to release a surge of fresh energy and enthusiasm that we did not know was there. Invigorating to keep staying younger longer.

#9 – coming to the 60-TheNew40 blog soon!

#10 – coming to the 60-TheNew40 blog soon!