Benefits Of Wardrobe Spring Cleaning

Doing spring cleaning projects such as cleaning your closet or wardrobe is an excellent way to organize your living space. Having a lot of unwanted clothes or items makes your house look messy. Why not get rid of all the junk in your home and create more space for yourself? Besides, there are a lot of DIY techniques to transform your house. You cannot recreate your space if you haven’t decluttered. As much as you may not be looking forward to cleaning out your closet, it helps to do so. Getting rid of some of the items you had an attachment with can be tough, and this one of the reasons some people avoid spring cleaning. However, spring cleaning is essential. Read on to learn why you need to do this. 


Saves Time And Money. 

Most people tend to buy new clothes frequently, and pile them in their closet. Doing this may seem okay, but in the real sense, you end up spending money on items you don’t even need. By decluttering, you get to determine which clothes you need and which ones you don’t. Do the clothes you have in your closet fit your lifestyle? By intentionally choosing to clear your wardrobe, you get to know which items you need. This prevents you from investing a lot of money in things you don’t need. You also get to save a lot of time sorting and organizing your wardrobe in advance. In reality, most people spend a lot of time looking for a particular item when their closet is not well organized. 


It Helps You Let Go And Make Money. 

Spring cleaning is a helpful way to get rid of any items in your house or wardrobe that no longer add value to you. Staying with clothes that no longer fit or objects that remind you of a sad moment in your life can prevent you from moving on with life. This is why it is essential to evaluate your closet and any other items in your home. If they no longer serve their purpose, get rid of them. Besides, you don’t necessarily have to throw the items away. If the item is still functioning well, you could choose to put it up for sale. Sell the items at a reasonable price instead of giving them out. 


Reasons To Hire A Junk Removal Company. 

After you have done your spring cleaning and sorted out the items that you don’t need, the next challenge involves disposing of the items. If you don’t want to put the items on sale, you should consider hiring a junk removal company. First, they can handle the disposal of hazardous materials such as electronics in a proper way. Some materials may contain harmful chemicals that may put your health at risk if you dispose them of on your own.  Moreover, a junk removal company will help you save a lot of time because they collect the items as soon as you would like. This helps you reclaim your space and get things in order. 


Doing spring cleaning is an excellent way to get your life back in order. You get to arrange your things and reclaim your space. 

3 Neat Makeup Tips and Tricks

Do you want to get even better at doing your makeup? As a beginner, you might not know where to get started, but there are a lot of fun and interesting tricks that can help you achieve the flawless look you would like to have. From fuller brows, perfect lashes, and fuller lips, these tricks will help you improve your makeup skills in no time.

Give Brows a Fuller Appearance

Have thinner eyebrows and would like to enhance them? If so, use a brow pencil in a color that matches the natural shade of your brows. Start by carefully drawing a light line directly under the brow and directly above the brow, avoiding the very front of your eyebrow. After drawing your lines, use a blending brush to blend the lines in with the rest of your eyebrows. Once you have finished blending, your brows should look naturally thicker and no one should be able to tell that you have filled them in using a brow pencil.

Make Your Lips Look Bigger

If you would like to have lips that naturally look a bit bigger, start by lining the lips with a nude lip pencil. After lining the lips, color the center of your lips in with a white lip pencil and use your pointer finger to smudge it just a bit while blending it in. After you have blended the white lip pencil in with your lips a bit more, apply your favorite gloss. You will notice that the color in the center of the lips naturally appears to enhance the size of them.

Get Flawless Lashes

When you want lashes that look longer and thicker, start by using a lash curler. Put the hairdryer in front of the lash curler for a few seconds before using it on your lashes because the heat will keep the lashes in place when they are curled. Once they are curled, apply a layer of clear mascara, allow it to dry, and then add a layer of black mascara on top to complete the look. You can also have eyelash extensions that highlight your best feature, brightening and opening up the eyes. Honolulu has high-quality eyelash extensions services.

Even if you have never used makeup before, these makeup tricks are simple and will leave you with fuller brows, bigger-looking lips, and flawless lashes.


It’s so wonderful to stroll the city streets in the lightweight nude waterfall duster coat that flutter in the wind! I received this beautiful waterfall drape jacket from Dresslink some days and thought it would be great to combine it with tan pointed vintage heels, handmade bag and nude matte cat eye sunglasses from Asos. I didn’t want this look to be too sugary so I added the faux leather shorts from Shein (you should know it as Sheinside) and minimal printed white t-shirt also from SheIn store, I’m pleasantly surprised with its great quality and cotton fabric. Have a stunning weekend!

P.S. Dresslink launched its mobile application, so if you like shopping on mobile you should check it here.

I’m wearing :

waterfall duster coat – Dresslink

minimal t-shirt – SheIn

faux leather shorts – SheIn

cat eye sunglasses – Asos

pointed heels – vintage, similar here & here

handmade tan bag – similar here and here


Do you like wearing maxi dresses during the summer? My new beautiful one is from Shein store, its so delicate and soft, this simple sakura printed design with straps and open back is so feminine and girly, wish I could be on a seaside now wearing it! I’ve just added a fresh iris bouquet and pinky cat eye sunglasses to emphasize its ladylike tenderness if you like it to find the dress here. Thanks for reading, dears ?


I’m wearing :

Dorothy Perkins floral dress –SheIn(Dorothy Perkins discount codes)

heels -River Island(similarhere&here)

cat eye sunglasses – a similar one

flats -New Look(option here)

clover pendant


Sorry for such a delay in posting my new looks, dear friends, I just wanted to have some rest during my holidays and vacation. Now I’m back with this feminine look wearing the A-line vegan leather skirt byChoies, peep-toe ankle boots, crop denim jacket with DIY fringe denim necklace and a leopard clutch. Hope you had a great summer, see you soon <3

I’m wearing :

midi vegan leather skirt – Choies

vintage denim crop jacket – similar here

leopard print clutch – option here

peep toe booties – even better here

denim fringe necklace – DIY (love this one too!)


OOTD : Let The Bells Ring

I used to have a lot of colorful bandana scarves when a child, it was so cool and trendy so we wore it almost every day with my older sister. Now I’m really happy that they are back and for today I styled my new burgundy one bandana with extra-wide bell sleeves vintage top and white chunky heel sandals fromDressgalstore (adore its platform, super cool shoes for just a$7!!). Added beige skinny jeans and roomy backpack (find in atRosegalsite) to create not so casual but comfy eclectic outfit for city walking. By the way in my childhood I also had a very similar designed backpack, I think all my favorite childhood things are coming back, so great ?

I’m wearing :
chunky heel sandals – Dressgal (here)
beige skinny jeans – Pull&Bear (the same here)
beige backpack –Rosegal(here)

vintage bell sleeve top – options here&here

round sunglasses – Asos

burgundy bandana scarf – same here



For this year’s vacation, we decided to travel to the gorgeous destination in the south of Ukraine, Arabat Spit. In the past, we would vacation there with our foster dogs who had never had an opportunity to get their paws wet in the sea. With that in mind, we thought it would be the perfect fur-family vacation this year. The spit separates the highly salty lagoons known as the Syvash from the beautiful sea of Azov. Syvash is a shallow area that features a form of medicinal mud that is rather popular for relaxation as well as a form of treatment. The water in the area is rather warm, in fact, one could say it feels as though it is boiling. In addition to the slippery mud, it can make a difficult time, but regardless it is a thrilling time.

For this gorgeous hot summer day, I decided upon wearing a blue and white playsuit from Wholesalebuying. The suit features many lace details with an off-shoulder design. This is an excellent trend that will more than likely be rather prevalent next spring/summer as well. The micro shoulder bag I brought with me also comes from the same store and is available in a number of colors and features a low price. Small bags are perfect for a day at the beach as you typically will not need more than some kyes and a phone. The white flats are from Zara, but the same ones can be found at Asos. In some of my other posts, I have talked in great length about my Happiness Boutique collar necklace, this day in the sun I decided it would be the perfect day to wear it, and I think it looks fabulous!

What I’m Wearing Today:

Off The Shoulder Blue Playsuit – From Wholesalebuying

Mini Shoulder Bag – From Wholesalebuying

Statement Necklace – Happiness Boutique

White Flats

White Fedora

White Cat Eye Sunnies



This article was written by Stacy. Stacy works as a receptionist at a pool resurfacing company in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Mules were my favorite trendy shoes for the last two years, that’s why I couldn’t resist having these nude heeled pair fromAMIclubwearstore in my closet! Made of vegan patent leather with pointed toe design they are also perfect for an autumn period too, just pair it with the skinny jeans and a trenchcoat! My today’s look is in neutral earth tones, e.g. this soft touch laser cut perforated poncho with fringed hem fromChoiesplays so good with the wind and allures to create some boho-look with pearls headband and DIY body chain (find its tutorial here). The white crop top was also made by me, the very simple and understandable tutorial was shown last year, check it out here if you want! Thanks for reading friends and have a good day ?

I’m wearing :
laser cut fringed poncho – Choies
nude mules – AMIclubwear
white crop top – DIY (tutorial here)
white shorts – option one, two
body chain – DIY (tutorial here)
cat eye sunglasses – Asos
pearl headband – DIY



My favorite swimwear this summer was this gorgeous color block bikini from Zaful, it’s an orange/green/purple color palette, zipper design, and strapless bra make it perfect for a beautiful tan and good mood! And look at the price – only $12, so if you are planning to go on a vacation this autumn you can still order it. There are also a lot of other swimsuits on their site, check it here if you are interested.

I’m wearing :

color block swimsuit – Zaful

silk robe duster coat (option here and here)

high heels – Blink(also love these ones)

straw fedora hat – Asos

body chain – DIY (tutorial here)


Just before leaving home to go on my vacation I received this gorgeous blue statement necklace from happiness Boutique. It was well packed in a beautiful box with care instructions so I just put it in my travel bag and we went to the seaside together ? This store has so many gorgeous statement necklaces and bracelets with gems in different colors so you can choose something you like, by the way, they offer free shipping and 60 days return policies, isn’t it great? I decided to order the ocean blue choker that goes very well with my blue eyes and remind me of the blue sea and water. It can be worn with a simple white t-shirt, blouse or sweater just fits everything! If you also like my necklace you can find it here.