For this year’s vacation, we decided to travel to the gorgeous destination in the south of Ukraine, Arabat Spit. In the past, we would vacation there with our foster dogs who had never had an opportunity to get their paws wet in the sea. With that in mind, we thought it would be the perfect fur-family vacation this year. The spit separates the highly salty lagoons known as the Syvash from the beautiful sea of Azov. Syvash is a shallow area that features a form of medicinal mud that is rather popular for relaxation as well as a form of treatment. The water in the area is rather warm, in fact, one could say it feels as though it is boiling. In addition to the slippery mud, it can make a difficult time, but regardless it is a thrilling time.

For this gorgeous hot summer day, I decided upon wearing a blue and white playsuit from Wholesalebuying. The suit features many lace details with an off-shoulder design. This is an excellent trend that will more than likely be rather prevalent next spring/summer as well. The micro shoulder bag I brought with me also comes from the same store and is available in a number of colors and features a low price. Small bags are perfect for a day at the beach as you typically will not need more than some kyes and a phone. The white flats are from Zara, but the same ones can be found at Asos. In some of my other posts, I have talked in great length about my Happiness Boutique collar necklace, this day in the sun I decided it would be the perfect day to wear it, and I think it looks fabulous!

What I’m Wearing Today:

Off The Shoulder Blue Playsuit – From Wholesalebuying

Mini Shoulder Bag – From Wholesalebuying

Statement Necklace – Happiness Boutique

White Flats

White Fedora

White Cat Eye Sunnies



This article was written by Stacy. Stacy works as a receptionist at a pool resurfacing company in Scottsdale, Arizona.